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Home Page

This is the blog's homepage. when a visitor enter's the blog's url, this is the page they would see.

A Blog Post

A blog post with some C# code, note that syntax highlighter has to be enabled for this feature.

A Page

This is a page, which is different from a blog post, and stays always accessible on the top level menu.


In a very few words, sBlog.Net is a minimalistic blog engine. This project is heavily inspired by wordpress, though there are a lot more to come in the following days! Using sBlog.Net, you will be able to do all of the normal activities that you could do in a blog! If I have to describe sBlog.Net in a single sentence, I would say, 'For the love of mvc and wordpress'!


sBlog.Net has a whole set of features like in-built syntax highlighter, social sharing, a commenting system with multiple layers of protection from spam, multiple author support, the ability to change themes with a few clicks, the ability to create themes using multiple methods and many more!


sBlog.Net is designed to be highly modular! So, in case you do not like a certain part of the system, you can modify it with a considerably less effort. Even if you are not comfortable with writing code, you can easily setup an instance of sBlog.Net with the help of these instructions, and just work on the user experience side with the help of just css files!


sBlog.Net project comes with a number of default themes. A number of the default themes were created using the templates downloaded from the free css templates site and also some of them are from bootswatch, with some modifications to help integrate them in to sBlog.Net.

Apart from the themes provided, there are a couple of ways by which you can create your own themes for sBlog.Net. There are some blog posts that discusses more information about this here & here!

Check out some of the available themes below!

Bootswatch Amelia

Bootswatch Slate

Bootswatch Craze