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sBlog.Net v2.0

a minimalistic blog engine using the mvc 3 framework

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In a very few words, sBlog.Net is a minimalistic blog engine. This project is heavily inspired by wordpress, though there are a lot more to come in the following days! Using sBlog.Net, you will be able to do all of the normal activities that you could do in a blog! If I have to describe sBlog.Net in a single sentence, I would say, 'For the love of mvc and wordpress'!


sBlog.Net has a whole set of features like in-built syntax highlighter, social sharing, a commenting system with multiple layers of protection from spam, multiple authors, the ability to change themes with a few clicks, the ability to create themes using multiple methods and many more!


sBlog.Net is designed to be highly modular! So, in case you do not like a certain part of the system, you can modify it with a considerably less effort. Even if you are not comfortable with writing code, you can easily setup an instance of sBlog.Net with the help of the instructions, and just work on the user experience side with the help of just css files!

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sBlog.Net project comes with 6 default themes. All of the default themes were created using the templates downloaded from the free css templates site, though the ones added are slightly modified from the original. They are:

There is also a theme inspired by the "perfect blemish" theme listed earlier and it is heavily modified from that theme. When you choose this theme, it uses the default templates for the blog. Thus you could create any number of themes that follows this pattern. So, in this method you just create "css", "js", "images" folders.

  • un themed

Templates downloaded from this site can be used for free, provided you give them credits, which is already present in the footer. If you wish to use the default templates, please reatin these links. You could pay an amount and remove this information from the footer. Refer to this link for more information about removing these information / links.

Free CSS templates has many more themes that you could use. If you are into html5, check out this site html 5 web templates. Apart from the ones listed here, there are many more sites that offers free templates, provided you give them credits.

Apart from the themes provided, there are 2 ways by which you can also create themes for sBlog.Net. First method is simple. In this method you just have to create the style file and add the image and script files if necessary. Check the Themes\UnThemed folder for an example. For more information, click here.

Second method is comparatively harder. Because in this method, you also have to create the layout pages. As before you create the style, image and script folders and then add 2 layouts - one for the blog posts (_Layout.cshtml) and one for the pages (_LayoutAdmin.cshtml). This method gives you complete control because you get to choose the entire layout, where a certain section goes - like the categories, archives etc. Refer to any other themes for an example. For a quick tutorial, click here.

Published new themes using bootswatch! Get it!

These are new themes for sBlog.Net that uses bootswatch for the basic styles! Extract, copy it over to the "Themes" folder, you're all set! New themes are Amelia, Cyborg and Slate...

credits top

This project was made possible with the help of a number of tools, in case I have missed anything, I will constantly update this section as it isn't my intention to miss any of them!

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Why reinvent the wheel?

Yes, of course, we already have wordpress and a number of blog engines in ASP.Net. But, I love wordpress' approach to blogging and so wanted to create something that gives the same experience, using ASP.Net MVC 3, which according to my opinion is one of the best creations of Microsoft! This has been a very good learning experience and I believe it would be the same for all others who are going to experiment with this project. A promise to all of you - this project won't just be a replica all along and you can expect some interesting features to be added in the near future! This project is highly modularized, so that you can easily plug out something and modify them with your own code. Navigating through the poject would also be simple, as it does not attempt to implement a huge number of features or does not use any complicated logic / code.

Why didn't you use the Entity Framework

At the point I started working on this, I was not very proficient/ confident with the Entity Framework. (I am getting better though!). But I did provide ways to replace the current database module with anything else - for instance the entity framework or MySQL or even XML!

sBlog.Net using MySQL! Get it !

Branch that lets you use MySQL as the backend w/ Entity Framework as the ORM (uses a build that's not up-to-date, pre-v2.0)!

Okay, fair enough. Is the current commenting system thread-based?

Sorry, at this point no. But, this is also in the roadmap for tasks to be done in the next release!

Should we drill in to the code myself or are there going to be any "knowledge base"?

There is an official blog now! I periodically plan to put some posts about the design and also about how some of the stuff in here could be changed.

Do you have any plans for the next release?

Of course! some of the features I have planned to add in the next release are:

  • Ability to use theme specific partial views (github commit)
  • A plugin framework
  • A tag listing page based on usage
  • Threading support for the native commenting system
  • Globalization/localization support (experimental branch)
  • Generate short links using (github commit)

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