Posted by admin under General  sBlog.Net  on Feb 24 2013

This post discusses a way by which you can quickly create a custom designed theme, instead of using the themes provided by default. This method will work either when using Visual Studio or IIS. The following are the steps to accomplish this:

  • Select the Themes folder
  • Right click on the Themes folder, select New Folder, enter a name for your theme
  • At a minimum, you should atleast create a css file. So, within your new folder, create a folder called css
  • Add a css file, let's name it as style.css
  • The layouts used for posts (_Layout.cshtml) and pages (_LayoutPage.cshtml) is located in the ~/View/Shared folder. In your style.css file add all of the css you need.
  • Now, save the changes, build / publish your project and launch it
  • Login to the administration section as the administrator and go to the Settings section
  • Now, if you select the blog theme drop-down you will notice your new theme
  • Select your new theme and save the changes
  • You should now be able to see your theme being applied!

Congrats on creating your first theme!


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