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Posted by admin under General  sBlog.Net  MySQL  on May 01 2013

Hello Folks!

I received a few emails about the ability to use sBlog.Net with MySQL as the backend and so I jumped in to that missed. I was able to successfully modify the project to use MySQL! I created a branch off of the master branch in github! Check it out here !

On the MySQL side, go to the sBlog.Net.DB\v1.0\Install folder where you will find a Init.sql file. I use phpMyAdmin for working with MySQL. You could do the same and use the import functionality to create a new database using this .sql file! Now, you can fire up Visual Studio, open the project downloaded, update the connection string, thats it! You are all set!

Have fun and let me know your comments!

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Good Job

posted by lak at 7/21/2013 2:15:26 AM


posted by Khusro Saleem at 5/31/2013 5:20:13 AM

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