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Posted by admin under General  sBlog.Net  on Jul 08 2013

Here is a small update about the most recent checkin for sBlog.Net. Now there is no need to keep track of what scripts were ran manually. Let me elaborate! Until yesterday, in order to setup sBlog.Net you will first have to run the Init.sql file, then the sblog_02_01.sql and sblog_02_02.sql and so on. Not any more!

When you get the master branch, restart the application (saving web.config or recycle application pool) and now you will be looking at the following screen: This is true whether you are upgrading from an older version of sBlog.Net or a new installation. Once you fully complete the installation, you won't be looking at this screen anymore!

However, if this is a fresh installation and you have any issues with the connection string, you will see the following screen (as before)!

Once you update the connection string or fix the authentication issues, you will be back to the database preparation screen shown in the first screenshot. Now when you enter the connection string and click on "Install Now" button, the database will be updated and depending on the scenario, you will either be sent to the blog setup screen (fresh install) or the home page (upgrade from old version of sBlog.Net). That's it you are all set! The scripts are picked from the Sql directory within the sBlog.Net project or your IIS application! If you wish to add a new script you can do so following the numbering convention used there (a new post follows with some details).

Let us assume for the sake of this post that you have added a new script called sc020004.sql. This would be indicated when you login to the administration section as shown below:

When you click on the link provided in the notice, you will see the following page!

Once you enter the connection string to verify ownership, you will be able to update and post login you wont see this notice anymore!

Check it out and let me know your thoughts! Have fun :)

Happy coding!

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