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Posted by admin under General  sBlog.Net  Customizations  sBlog.Net v3.0  on Jul 18 2014

It's been forever since I blogged anything about sBlog.Net! That's obviously because I didn't have the time to do a lot for this project! But here I am with an interesting feature! Now you have the ability to enable something I call as "social features". This can be done from the web.config. There is a new section called sblognetSettings. Within this section there is an element called socialFeatures. Here it is!

<sblognetSettings enableMiniProfiler="true">
    <socialFeatures enabled="false" twitterId="" githubId="" facebookId="" pinterestId=""
                                   dropboxId="" flickrId="" instagramId="" linkedinId=""
                                   soundcloudId="" spotifyId="" tumblrId="" />

To use this, you just have to set the enabled property to "true". After that, you just have to enter your user ids in the corresponding properties like twitterId, githubId etc etc. That's it! You are all set!! Here is a screenshot of how it looks like using the Perfect Blemish theme:


If you mouse over one of the icons, it pops out as shown below and on clicking in an icon, the inevitable happen! - the corresponding page is opened in a new page! Hope you like this new feature! Have fun and happy coding!

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