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Here is a list of the features that are part of v3! I am going to update this post soon to include some details!

  • Fresh and clean admin UI using bootstrap with easily accessible menus & interface
  • More themes
  • Ability to use markdown editor w/ live preview instead of ckeditor w/ options to easily switch
  • Ability to auto save drafts every 30 seconds
  • Social bar in the blog footer
  • Ability to select blog theme using the web.config or the admin interface
  • Ways to identify private posts easily
  • Shortcuts in the dashboard for most frequently used options
  • Live preview for syntax highlighter on the admin section to see how code sections will look
  • Tabbed interface for blog settings
  • Ability to shorten urls using the service
  • Mini profiler support

Happy coding!

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It's been forever since I blogged anything about sBlog.Net! That's obviously because I didn't have the time to do a lot for this project! But here I am with an interesting feature! Now you have the ability to enable something I call as "social features". This can be done from the web.config. There is a new section called sblognetSettings. Within this section there is an element called socialFeatures. Here it is!

<sblognetSettings enableMiniProfiler="true">
    <socialFeatures enabled="false" twitterId="" githubId="" facebookId="" pinterestId=""
                                   dropboxId="" flickrId="" instagramId="" linkedinId=""
                                   soundcloudId="" spotifyId="" tumblrId="" />

To use this, you just have to set the enabled property to "true". After that, you just have to enter your user ids in the corresponding properties like twitterId, githubId etc etc. That's it! You are all set!! Here is a screenshot of how it looks like using the Perfect Blemish theme:


If you mouse over one of the icons, it pops out as shown below and on clicking in an icon, the inevitable happen! - the corresponding page is opened in a new page! Hope you like this new feature! Have fun and happy coding!

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I have published yet another theme based on bootstrap! You can get it here! A demo helps always right? Visit the blog, it now uses the theme I just published! If you need some help on installing / using this theme, refer to this post!

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Hello people! 

I have published a new theme using bootstrap. It was in my to-do list for a long time and I am happy I got to this atlast! You can download this here! If you want to look at a sample, you are already seeing it!

To use this theme, download the zip file. Right click on the zip file, choose "Extract Here" [WinRAR] (If you choose "Extract to Folder.." the following may not apply. Once you extract the file, you will see the following folder structure:

                                ----- css
                               ------ js
                               ------ img
                               ------ _Layout.cshtml
                               ----- _LayoutPage.cshmtl

With Themes folder in your web application, the same structure should be recreated (as shown below).

                ---- GoBootstrapDark
                                ----- css
                               ------ js
                               ------ img
                               ------ _Layout.cshtml
                               ----- _LayoutPage.cshmtl

That's it! Now, if you logon to the admin section,  go to the settings page, you will now see the new theme in the dropdown, select, update the settings, that's it! You are all set to rock on!!!

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To get started with this project, you need the following:

  • ASP.Net 4 Framework
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • ASP.Net MVC 3
  • MS SQL Server (or MS SQL Server Express)

Assuming, you satisfy the pre-requisites, follow the steps below to get started!

  • Download the sBlog.Net binaries zip file and extract the files.
  • Launch MS SQL server, create a new database for use by your blog - as an administrator or a user who has db_creator privileges. If the database was created by the user that is going to be used in the web.config file, skip the following steps to give db_owner access.
    • Then, if you don't already have a login, create a login
    • Now, you need to provide access to the newly created database for the user you created in the previous step
    • To do this, expand Security, then expand Logins, right click on the user your created, choose Properties
    • In the dialog that appears, choose User Mapping
    • In the right pane, select the database you created, check the checkbox corresponding to the new database
    • In the Database role membership section, choose db_owner, click on OK
  • Now (assuming your IIS directory is C:\inetpub\wwwroot), create a folder called sblog
  • Copy the contents of the folder extracted to the folder you created in the previous step
  • Now, right click on the "Uploads" folder, choose Properties. Then select the "Security" tab
  • Click on "Edit", if you do not find IIS_IUSRS add it. Then select the user, give "Full Control" for the Uploads folder, click on OK in the dialogs opened
  • Then, open the web.config file and modify the connection string to use the new database, user you created, copy this over since you require this while setting up the site!
  • Now open IIS manager, from the Start menu or by entering inetmgr in your Run dialog
  • Create a new website by right clicking on the Sites node and choosing Add Web Site
  • In the Add Web Site dialog,Now your website is all set to be used
    • Enter a site name
    • Select ASP.Net 4.0 application pool (or) create a new app pool that uses the ASP.Net 4.0 framework
    • In the Physical path text box, choose the folder (sblog), created in the previous step
    • Now select OK
  • In case you are using a website provider like godaddy, copy over the files using an ftp client of your choice.
  • To launch the web site, right click on it, choose "Manage Web Site" and then "Browse"
  • If you are using a provider like godaddy, go to the browser and enter your website address and follow the on-screen instructions.
Here is a blog post that might help you with the setup. In case you are hosting the blog using shared hosting, you may have to "bin-deploy" mvc 3 - refer to this blog post for more information!

For setup instructions using visual studio, click here! Now, you are all set to start using your instance of sBlog.Net!!

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