Why reinvent the wheel?

Yes, of course, we already have wordpress and a number of blog engines in ASP.Net. But, I love wordpress' approach to blogging and so wanted to create something that gives the same experience, using ASP.Net MVC 3, which according to my opinion is one of the best creations of Microsoft! This has been a very good learning experience and I believe it would be the same for all others who are going to experiment with this project. A promise to all of you - this project won't just be a replica all along and you can expect some interesting features to be added in the near future! This project is highly modularized, so that you can easily plug out something and modify them with your own code. Navigating through the poject would also be simple, as it does not attempt to implement a huge number of features or does not use any complicated logic / code.

Why didn't you use the Entity Framework

At the point I started working on this, I was not very proficient/ confident with the Entity Framework. (I am getting better though!). But I did provide ways to replace the current database module with anything else - for instance the entity framework or MySQL or even XML!

Okay, fair enough. Is the current commenting system thread-based?

Sorry, at this point no. But, this is also in the roadmap for tasks to be done in the next release!

Should we drill in to the code myself or are there going to be any "knowledge base"?

There is an official blog now! I periodically plan to put some posts about the design and also about how some of the stuff in here could be changed.

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