Posted by admin under General  sBlog.Net  sBlog.Net v3.0  on Nov 08 2014

Here is a list of the features that are part of v3! I am going to update this post soon to include some details!

  • Fresh and clean admin UI using bootstrap with easily accessible menus & interface
  • More themes
  • Ability to use markdown editor w/ live preview instead of ckeditor w/ options to easily switch
  • Ability to auto save drafts every 30 seconds
  • Social bar in the blog footer
  • Ability to select blog theme using the web.config or the admin interface
  • Ways to identify private posts easily
  • Shortcuts in the dashboard for most frequently used options
  • Live preview for syntax highlighter on the admin section to see how code sections will look
  • Tabbed interface for blog settings
  • Ability to shorten urls using the service
  • Mini profiler support

Happy coding!

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